Andon Valgt (22 May 1944 - 9 June - 1977) - was a Lieutentant in the Empyrean Army (1974 - 1977), and played a very important role in the beginning of the Fifth Empyrean War.

Andon was a Lightbearer (Half-human, half-angel) and is the 189th decendant of the Throne Angel, Valgtinel.

Andon Valgt was known for two infamous occurences in the celestial World, that had an impact no one could have predicted. His first impact came when he and his wife, Helan Zadki, were married, and became the first couple to have a mixed marriage, that being of Throne Angel and Soldie Angel. The marriage would result in the birth of four children, all with immense power and abilities, most notably Vladimir Valgt, who went on to become the infamous leader of the Dark Crusaders. However Andon never lived up to any of the expectations that the Celestial had planned for him, it is perhaps most evident, when he was sent as a peace emmisary to the leader of the Darkling Army, Dorack. The negotiations started off quite well, but quickly went badly when Andon promised Dorack that if he didnt take his army off of the Celestial Land and back to the Abyss, that they would all be slaughtered like the pigs they were. Dorack took extreme offense and ordered his soldiers to attack Andon. Surprisingly Andon survived the attack from the darkling soldiers, but once Dorack himself joined the fight Andon was soon killed without much of a fight. His resulting death was the spark that started the Fifth War

Despite originally being thought of as a fool for his actions at the peace negotiations, his actions turned out to be quite nessecary. Had he not made the threats he did, and get himself killed. Dorack would have continued to slowly mount up an even greater army that would've most likely taken over the Celestial World. Some skeptics argue that it was by sheer stupidity and luck that Andon was able to start the war. But others, more devout followers, believe that his actions were on purpose and that he actually sacrificed himself to save the Celestial World, knowing that it would start the Fifth War earlier than Dorack wanted.

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